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"Our Believe is that no one is best, so how can we search a Best."
"We always follow the path to search a Better "

What We Do

NyKinSky People Capital is a platform to connect organizations to better and well trained People around the globe and provides them a convenient end to end solutions for remote team management.

People Capital (NyKinSky & Company BlueLead Program) not only connects companies to the better and well trained people from around the globe, but also provides a better end-to-end solution for remote team management. 

We first assess each candidate extensively by using different types of test. According to their assessment we provide them an opportunity. or a better training program by industry expert for their career development. By this method we always assure our clients that they get a better and long term serving candidate.

What is unique with us ?

We are providing training program for both, The people who will start their career and the people who want to lead in future.

We also believe that the quality people in the world is looking for long-term careers (not short-term or part-time contracts), so we offer 35-42+ hour/week with intense-paying positions.

We are mission oriented organization. A Well trained people will serve a company long term and they will be the future leader of the organization. The people who serve a company long term will be asset for a company and definitely deserve high paying and career growth.

Our mission is not only to provide a well trained employee to the organization. we want the new young people lead the organization and industry giants help them to grow by providing them a quality industrial training.

Our Training & Career Program Coming Soon

Our HQ are based in Delhi, INDIA.

But we are proudly serving worldwide with a 100% global team working remotely from Anywhere.

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