Executive Assessment & Development

What you think you can do- is your Assessment, What you think you cannot do- is your Limitation,

Assess your limitations first, and then limit your assessments.”

-Mahendar Singh Jakhar

Executive Assessment, as the name suggests, is the evaluation of relevant skills and ideas that people hold in different positions in a work place. It identifies and measures the strengths, ideologies and contribution of employees that are crucial at a work place. The assessment involves critical calculation of their higher order thinking skills, analysis of their problem solving skills and positive thinking. After the assessment, heed is paid to sharpening their skills and helping them build newer ones through executive development.

The effective executive assessment that we offer at NyKinSky & Company involves evaluation of business school readiness and helps in valuing the knowledge and real-world experience you will bring to the organization.

Interpretation and evaluation of skills, comprehension of various situation, ability to analyze data, reactions and solution sets given for the assessment help in critical examination of the executive. The results help in person’s overall development by providing integrated reasoning and preparing him/her for real world jobs.

After the Executive Assessment comes Executive Development. Executive development refers to the whole set of activities aimed at developing the skills and competencies of those that hold executive positions in organizations. We see executive development as the most encompassing of all the strategies in terms of activities that build skills and competencies.

In some organizations (typically large multi-nationals), there is a separate development team, in other organizations executive development is handled as one of many activities by the larger corporate training group, and in yet other scenarios there is no executive developments activity to speak of. But here at NyKinSky, we provide our clients with the best execute assessment and developmental assistance. With drive and ambition, the knowledge shared and acquired through this assessment can help open doors to various new opportunities.

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