Functioning During COVID-19



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30/05/2020                                                                       Functioning During COVID-19

Stuck in the middle of a global pandemic, giving equal weight to employee health and work importance, all institutions and companies have switched to online work mode. The pandemic is no excuse to stop working so we have together keep the business wheels turning. NyKinSky & Company has been tirelessly working towards achieving their aims and objectives during the lockdown. With a dash of hardwork, a pinch of creativity and a smidgen of strategy; we at NyKinSky & Company have achieved effective online business responses. Adapting this online mode was the safest option to alleviate the slowdown in the business and reduce financial instability. Employee and Costumer Handling during Lockdown Through efficient communication through dynamic apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Spike, the Company has kept its employees engaged. All of the employees are connected through these apps, to take the company to newer heights and are constantly working towards achieving coherent business plans together. With regular meetings and sessions being held, work is distributed among the employees and work-from-home interns, who are coming together and innovating to minimize the impact of this pandemic on business work as well as employee health . Every step ranging from hiring of interns to consultation of businesses is being carried online. At NyKinSky, we are working hard to combat the current economic consequences of COVID-19. Though virtually connecting with the clients through an online Platform lacks personal touch but with great handling and supervision, employees and customers are made to feel comfortable at this company. Customer dealing is also being done through online modes. Services are being provided and they are kept updated via our website and other online data profiles.

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