Know NyK

   NyKinSky defined as  “New Young Knight”

                                        We are representing a group of New Young People who can solve the world’s most critical issues analytically. We are officially registered as NyKinSky Business Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in May 2019. Serving India Since 2016 as a Partnership Firm NyKinSky & Company. We are not a title, we represents all, We have a meaning.

                 We are NyKinSky.

Based in India, NyKinSky & Company is the place where innovation, experience, creative thinking, inspired people and a passion for results comes together to create an extraordinary impact.

Keeping the business wheels turning since 2016, our primary target save small enterprises, startups and growing organizations. we collaborate with them for growth int their respective industries. we provide an outright dedicated team and tactical solutions for all your needs. with expertise in aspects like human resource forecasting, initial finance management, capital management, information technology, and human capital management, our unparalleled operational pace and services will leave you satisfied. while conducting business research and market research in different sectors like education, hospitality, e-commerce and digital marketing aspects, we believe in strengthening the overall market scenarios through innovation and experience. with our robust methodology to identify, engage and develop talent for your organization, we help you stay on the business tracks.

In this age of globalization and industrial revolution 4.0, we are working to be a futuristic and visionary organization for all enterprises. we understand our client's organization like it's our own, incorporate their culture and business requirement to realize their maximum potential. our focus is centered at delivering purpose built solutions. we bring to you a customized yet engineered approach to business growth that combines strategy and creativity with data and technology.

our diverse and inspired advisors are constantly working towards instilling strong leadership abilities into the workforce of our client's organizations. with out competent knowledge of the current market conditions, new technologies and how they align with your interests, we accelerate your journey towards success.

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